Ztac™ Ultra Low-Tack, Polyester Film

Designed for easy application and removal from smooth indoor surfaces such as polished stone, stainless steel and glass, Ztac™ polyester film is ideal for temporary indoor marketing applications...

7/7/21 12:00 AM / by Tianna Vanderhei, Nekoosa

Effortless Signage Solutions with Nekoosa

If you have ever worked in a national restaurant chain or retail store you experienced this exact situation at some point…. it is 10 minutes before closing and the manager walks over with a “new..

12/9/20 8:00 AM / by Aaron Bares

What Are the Differences Between High Tack and High Peel Permanent Adhesives?

Terms of the graphic trade are often misused and misrepresent the true characteristic of the adhesive – two of those terms that are misrepresented often are high tack and high peel. Depending on..

7/29/20 8:58 AM / by Jim Hingst, Former Nekoosa Team Member

Uses for ClingZ®, Electrically Charged Graphic Film

Looking for a substrate that can be applied to a wide spectrum of surfaces? Like painted walls, wood paneling, concrete, glass, stainless and even brick? ClingZ® is the solution.

6/10/20 3:47 PM / by Nekoosa