Using Nekoosa Products for Retail Holiday Signage

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Posted by Tianna Vanderhei, Nekoosa on 8/4/21 7:34 AM

Retailers start planning out their holiday signage and marketing campaigns six months prior to the holiday season, or sooner. Have you ever heard of “Christmas in July?” Late summer is a perfect time to promote a company’s products or offering ahead of the holiday season. In fact, many retailers experience a majority of their annual sales during the holiday season. For example, according to Pew Research Center, large brand names, companies and small businesses can see 20 to 40% of their annual sales in Q4. This year, coming off of a year of cancelled events, promotions and limited spending and traveling due to COVID-19, people are ready to make up for lost time. Whether that be precious family moments, vacations or gifts for the holidays – they’re ready to get out and spend money.

Here at Nekoosa, we manufacture a variety of substrates used to create printed graphics that promote a business’ products, goods and services. This blog post overviews Nekoosa’s range of specialty print media suitable for various holiday signage applications.

Which Nekoosa products are recommended for holiday signage?

  • Ztac™ – Ztac™ is an ultra low-tack and repositionable polyesterWoman a SignAd NYES 2022 vinyl window graphic film designed for easy application and removal on very smooth indoor surfaces like windows, stainless steel and polished stone. It is compatible with offset (conventional and UV), HP Indigo and UV wide format inks.
  • Trifecta® – This multipurpose removable textured vinyl film used for floor, window and wall graphics. Trifecta® is compatible with wide format (solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV), UV offset and screen inks.
  • SYNAPS – SYNAPS is a waterproof, tear-proof and weather resistant synthetic polyester paper, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications like retractable banner stand graphics, aisle invaders, washable menus and much more. This dimensionally stable film is compatible with offset (conventional and UV), HP Indigo, latex and UV wide format inks.
  • Hi-Stat® – Hi-Stat® cling vinyl is a very soft, flexible film which adheres to most clean, high polished surfaces without adhesive most commonly used for window graphics. Requiring no solvents for application or removal, this vinyl is compatible with wide format (solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV), offset (conventional and UV), HP Indigo and screen inks.
  • ClingZ® – ClingZ® is an adhesive free, electrically charged graphic film that adheres to any clean, dry interior surface like brick, stucco and wood paneling to name a few. This film is compatible with offset (conventional and UV), HP Indigo and UV wide format inks.
  • Sign-Ad® – Sign-Ad® is a flexible calendered vinyl coated with a low or moderate-tack adhesive for easy-to-apply window graphics. It is compatible with wide format (solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV), offset (conventional and UV), HP Indigo and screen inks.
  • Wall Graphics® – Nekoosa's Wall Graphics® product portfolio is a comprehensive offering of repositionable, removable vinyl films used for indoor and outdoor wall graphic applications. This high opacity film has an excellent white point and is compatible with wide format (solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV), offset (conventional and UV), HP Indigo and screen inks.
  • VinylEfx® – Create eye catching metallic, reflective and glittering vinyls for cut-lettering applications and printed graphics with VinylEfx®. This metalized vinyl is compatible with wide format (solvent, eco-solvent and UV), screen and thermal transfer inks.

VinylEfx 4th Of July Sale Vinyl Window Graphic in a Store Window

What if I need a product that will stick to any surface?

Nekoosa’s ClingZ® electrically charged graphic film is the perfect solution! This adhesive free film (no glue, tacks or pins required) adheres to any clean, dry interior surface. It is chemically inert, PVC-free, phthalate-free and recyclable as a #5 plastic. ClingZ® is also extremely versatile in the sense that it can be die-cut or kiss-cut for a variety of finishing methods. ClingZ® is part of Nekoosa’s Effortless Signage portfolio (SEE: “Effortless Signage Solutions with Nekoosa”) meaning it can be applied and removed effortlessly without leaving a trace of residue behind. Shown below being applied to both wood paneling and brick, ClingZ® can be applied, repositioned and removed from painted walls, wallpaper, wood paneling, glass, concrete, polished stone, stainless steel and even brick! ClingZ® can also be used on the most delicate surfaces like TV screens.

Common applications include: holiday décor, screen safe labels, in-store promotional signage, large format graphics, tileable murals, P.O.P. signage, reverse sided graphics, trade show and event signage, window graphics and guerilla marketing.

What do you offer for shiny or sparkly vinyls?

VinylEfx® is a reflective, metalized vinyl film that cuts and weeds easily. Apply this film with ease to flat, smooth surfaces (dry application only) such as glass, stainless steel or wood. Available in both an Indoor Decorative and Outdoor Durable series (for up to three years outdoors) with permanent adhesive, VinylEfx® is ideal for holiday décor, cut lettering, P.O.P. signage, decorative in-store displays, seasonal signage, event signage and banner graphics. To check out our full color and pattern offering of VinylEfx®, click here. 

Do you have a substrate that works on floors, walls and windows?

Looking for a “triple threat” material that can be effortlessly applied to floors, walls and windows without the need for an overlaminate? Trifecta® is the answer! This 6 mil semi-rigid matte white textured facestock is rated for up to five years of outdoor use for wall and window signage. It is also suitable for indoor short term floor graphics for up to six months and is UL 410 slip resistant certified…no overlaminate required! Use Trifecta® for one-step floor graphics, wall graphics, window signage, counter mats, posters, wayward signage and so much more! SEE: “Printer Perspective……” for more insight on printing and working with Trifecta®.

How can I order a Holiday Signage sample sleeve?

Click here to request a FREE Holiday Signage sample sleeve that includes all of these products – product overview information sheets and samples. For more insight on our products including tutorials, new product announcements and printing methods, check out our Nekoosa YouTube channel. To request products or inquire further, we recommend reaching out to and we will connect you with the proper contact.