The Value of Nekoosa's Effortless Signage Portfolio

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Posted by Jordan Jossie on 5/11/22 12:43 PM


PICTURE THIS – Memorial Day weekend is coming up and you’re planning an exciting ‘40% Off Storewide Sale.’ You anticipate that it’s going to attract a lot of customers, but the sale only lasts the weekend. You want your storefront signage to intrigue passing traffic, but don’t want to spend a fortune hiring a professional to apply the promotional materials for a sale that only lasts 3 days. If only there was a solution…

Nekoosa’s Effortless Signage Portfolio provides quick ‘do-it-yourself’ solutions for temporary marketing and signage applications. The portfolio includes six different film substrates that are easy to apply, remove and reposition without the help of a professional. Whether it’s a short-term holiday sale or a seasonal in-store event, each of these products can help announce, promote and advertise your business with minimal hassle and effort — while still looking professional and leaving no trace of residue behind.

Within this portfolio, you will find wall graphics, window graphics and one-step floor graphics that will enhance your marketing and engage your customers. Effective signage can make a big impact on your business, so it’s crucial to invest in a product that will bring value to you and your customers. Nekoosa’s Effortless Signage Portfolio will help you accomplish this while also saving you time and money.

Why ClingZ® is Perfect for Short-Term Signage

Because ClingZ® is an adhesive-free, electrically charged graphic film. It easily adheres to any clean, dry interior surface with superior durability. Some commonly used services with ClingZ® synthetic film include painted walls, wallpaper, wood paneling, brick, concrete and more.

In addition, ClingZ® by Nekoosa is also perfect for:

  • In-store promotional signage
  • Holiday décor and decals
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Event signage
  • Reverse sided graphics

Why Hi-Stat® is Optimal for Promotional Signage

Hi-Stat® cling vinyl is a flexible vinyl which adheres to most clean, high polished smooth surfaces without adhesive. It’s repositionable and effortless to remove without leaving a trace of residue behind.

Hi-Stat® by Nekoosa is perfect for:

  • Window advertising
  • Point-of-purchase window decals
  • Price stickers
  • Automotive window graphics
  • LED screen protection
  • Optically clear window graphics

How Wall Graphics® Create Durable Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Nekoosa's Wall Graphics® product portfolio is a comprehensive offering of repositionable, removable vinyl films for a wide range of indoor and outdoor wall applications.

  • Microsphere Removable Adhesive- Suitable for short-term indoor and outdoor applications, and will remove cleanly within 1 year from smooth, flat painted walls, wallpaper, wood paneling and other surfaces.
  • High-Peel Removable Adhesive- Allows for applications to remove cleanly from painted plywood, textured walls and surfaces painted with low VOC paints within 6 months.
Wall Graphics® by Nekoosa is perfect for:
  • Wall decals
  • Wall décor
  • Point-of-purchase wall signage
  • Posters
  • Textured wall graphics

Why Sign-Ad® is Ideal for Window Signage

Sign-Ad® is a flexible calendered vinyl coated with a low or moderate-tack adhesive for easy-to-apply window graphics. No solvents are needed for application or removal, making it easy to remove without leaving a trace of adhesive residue behind. Sign-Ad® can be used for indoor or outdoor graphic applications (less than 3 years in outdoor applications) on polished stone, stainless steel, glass and more.

Sign-Ad® by Nekoosa is perfect for:

  • Window graphics
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Double-sided window signage
  • Price stickers
  • Counter mats
  • Optically clear window graphics
  • Opaque window signage

Why Ztac is Effective for Hot and Cold Indoor Surfaces

Ztac™ is an ultra low-tack and repositionable polyester film designed for easy application and removal on very smooth indoor surfaces. It can be applied to extremely hot or cold surfaces and will hold its original shape without ‘dog earring.’

Ztac™ by Nekoosa is perfect for:

  • Hot deli glass case signage
  • Glass freezer and cooler doors
  • Window graphics
  • Trade show & event signage
  • In-store promotional signage

How Trifecta® Offers Endless Applications

One product, endless applications. Trifecta® is a universal removable adhesive used to create floor, wall and window graphics that will cleanly remove from indoor and outdoor application surfaces for up to 6 months. It’s available in a 6 mil semi-rigid matte white textured facestock rated for up to 5 years of outdoor use.

Trifecta® by Nekoosa is perfect for:

  • One-step floor graphics
  • Wall graphics
  • Window signage
  • Counter mats
  • Wayward signage
  • Floor advertisements
  • Wall décor
  • Textured wall graphics

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