Which Industries Are Best Suited for Chalkboard Vinyl

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Posted by Nekoosa on 12/8/21 9:00 AM

The holiday season has officially arrived and that means many of us will gather with friends and family to share a nice meal. Of course, this also means a lot of time spent in the kitchen whipping up favorites like cookies, pies, and more. No matter what’s on the menu, you need the right tools and equipment at your disposal. For example, you wouldn’t bake a batch of gingerbread cookies in the microwave because that kind of heating application isn’t best suited for the kind of convection heat necessary for proper baking.

The same principle applies to chalkboard vinyl for creating visually-engaging, dynamic signage with the flexibility necessary to move and adapt to contextual changes of the application. Just like how specific baking tools are best engineered for certain applications, chalkboard vinyl is best equipped for certain applications or uses as opposed to others.  

So, the question becomes: Is chalkboard vinyl a good fit for my industry? Or, to put it another way, which industries are best suited for a chalkboard vinyl solution? The good news is we have the answers to these questions to help you create the best solution for your signage needs.

Restaurant industry

The restaurant industry is an ever-changing maze of daily specials that is highly dependent on the availability of food products like fruits, vegetables, proteins and so on. With the instability in today’s global food supply chain, restaurant owners need more flexibility than ever before with their signage to create engaging, informative, and accurate signage as market forces dictate. In addition, restaurants need durable signage that can withstand both indoor and outdoor use with the strength and durability to protect against such hazards as dirt, dust, water or weather elements like wind or rain.

The ability to seamlessly address these challenges is what makes ChalkTalk® chalkboard vinyl from Nekoosa such a critical value-add for restaurants regardless of size, scale, niche or location. Ideal for use with individual menus or large menu board displays, ChalkTalk is compatible with chalk or liquid chalk pens for easy use, cleaning, and quick alterations to display or menu designs. 

ChalkTalk’s 5 mil textured matte black vinyl facestock also provides a flexible, durable film that can be easily removed for fast and simple changes in signage regardless of indoor or outdoor context. Whereas other forms of restaurant signage can be static, ChalkTalk is dynamic and versatile to help restaurant owners adapt in the moment.    

Retail space

The restaurant industry and retail space have an awful lot in common when it comes to the flexibility and creativity required for effective signage solutions. Especially as we enter the throws of the holiday shopping season, retailers — particularly small and mid-sized retailers — will be tasked with deploying small, medium and large-scale signage that are clear, concise and enticing to help create a positive customer experience. 

The challenges retailers face with their signage includes product availability, price fluctuations and special deal or offer restrictions, not to mention the continuing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that make information signage about social distancing, mask requirements and other mitigation efforts a critical point of service. 

As such, the capability to change or alter signage quickly, cleanly and with less residual mess or clean-up is key, and ChalkTalk's easily removable adhesive film allows for fast, easy alterations without leaving behind harmful residue. In addition, ChalkTalk's compatibility with a variety of surfaces including wood paneling, stainless steel, textured painted walls and more allows for the widest scope of use and integration for indoor, outdoor or hybrid retail spaces. 

Grocery stores and supermarkets

There’s perhaps nothing more subject to change than what consumers buy at their grocery store or supermarket. Whether it’s personal considerations surrounding diet, ethics, brand association or simply market forces that drive supply and demand for fresh and packaged food products, grocery stores and supermarkets need the ability to create tailored and variable signage to appeal to a targeted consumer base. And, much like with the retail setting we just discussed, small grocers need the ability to alter signage based on the products they can source at any given time.  

While other chalkboard vinyl solutions require special cleaners or procedures for changing signage, ChalkTalk requires nothing more than a damp cloth and a few seconds of time to completely remove existing text or image from the vinyl surface. This superior cleanability not only allows for the ultimate flexibility in grocery store applications, but it also helps provide peace of mind for consumers by reducing the potential for food contamination compared with other signage options.

Whether it’s superior flexibility for ultimate creativity, easy and mess-free cleaning, or compatibility with wide-format and screen printing, ChalkTalk is recognized as the chalkboard vinyl of choice for industries that rely on dynamic, user-friendly signage solutions. 

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., ChalkTalk® from Nekoosa is the chalkboard vinyl of choice for applications where creativity is prized and flexibility is key. Learn more about ChalkTalk or request a sample sleeve today.