What Are the Best Applications for Chalkboard Vinyl?

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Posted by Nekoosa on 11/12/21 9:00 AM

We encounter signs, promotional displays or large format graphics so often it’s easy to overlook the time and work that goes into choosing the right products or materials to create signage that is efficient and pleasing to the eye. 

Dry-erase boards, non-removable film, large format inkjet printing or even traditional chalkboards are common solutions, but the problem is each of these signage tools comes with their liabilities and limitations, especially for certain industries like retail and hospitality that require versatility, ease of use, and simplified cleaning processes. 

The good news is chalkboard vinyl offers the flexibility and user-focused workability these other solutions lack, while also offering a variety of other value propositions to help businesses optimize their signage or display strategy. Let’s take a quick look at the best applications for chalkboard vinyl and what makes this signage material a unique, innovative solution for this broad range of industry applications. 

Restaurant menus

Chalkboard vinyl is designed for indoor and outdoor use with the strength and durability to protect against such hazards as dirt, dust, water or weather elements like wind or rain. This makes chalkboard vinyl in general and specifically ChalkTalk® chalkboard vinyl from Nekoosa ideal for use in the restaurant industry, in particular with applications like individual menus or large display menu boards. 

With the proliferation of outdoor dining options in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, ChalkTalk®’s 5 mil textured matte black vinyl facestock provides a flexible, durable film that can be easily removed for fast and simple changes in signage regardless of indoor or outdoor context. Whereas other forms of restaurant signage can be static, ChalkTalk® is dynamic and versatile to help restaurant owners adapt in the moment.  

Textured wall graphics

Ease of application to a variety of surfaces and the compatibility with wide-format and screen printing applications make chalkboard vinyl like Nekoosa’s ChalkTalk® perfectly suited for texture wall graphics. Company branding, logos and informational text or images often found in museum exhibits can prove challenging given the variety of surfaces and size requirements in-play. ChalkTalk® is designed for application to surfaces such as wood paneling, polished stone, stainless steel, smooth and textured painted walls, concrete and painted plywood.  

In addition, stocked rolls from 24"x75 ft. 54"x75 ft for wide-format printing and custom sizes compatible with screen printing provide a broad range of design possibilities. 

Retail signage

Retail, especially for small to mid-sized retailers, is a space where change is a constant. Product availability, price fluctuations and special deal or offer restrictions are evolving variables retailers must account for and adapt to, and a large part of that adaptability rests with their customer signage. The capability to change or alter signage quickly, cleanly and with less residual mess or clean-up is key, and ChalkTalk® 's easily removable adhesive film allows for fast, easy alterations without leaving behind harmful residue. 

Designed for use with chalk or liquid chalk pens allows retailers to create vibrant, visually appealing signage that conveys pricing or information in a crisp, clear manner without the complexity or mess of other chalkboard signage solutions. Aside from general retail, this makes ChalkTalk® a critical value play for related applications such as seasonal promotional boards, trade show or event boards and point-of-purchase signage. 

Grocery store displays

The choices consumers make with the food items they purchase are extremely personal. Dietary restrictions, ethical beliefs and a host of other factors play into what consumers purchase at their local grocery store or market, and as such grocers need the ability to create tailored and variable signage to appeal to a targeted consumer base. And, much like with the retail setting we just discussed, small grocers need the ability to alter signage based on the products they can source at any given time. 

While other chalkboard vinyl solutions require special cleaners or procedures for changing signage, ChalkTalk® requires nothing more than a damp cloth and a few seconds of time to completely remove existing text or image from the vinyl surface. This superior cleanability not only allows for the ultimate flexibility in grocery store applications, but it also helps provide peace of mind for consumers by reducing the potential for food contamination compared with other signage options. 

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., ChalkTalk® from Nekoosa is the chalkboard vinyl of choice for applications where creativity is prized and flexibility is key. Learn more about ChalkTalk® or request a sample sleeve today.