An Overview of Wide Format Paper Products From Nekoosa

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Posted by Nekoosa on 3/15/22 8:04 AM

Wide format paper products from Nekoosa provide a world-class level of innovation and quality via a diverse portfolio designed to help create durable, dynamic print projects. Our portfolio of wide format paper products includes everything from wall and floor graphics, overlaminates, and mounting films to a variety of specialty wide format materials for point of purchase and sign markets. 

Engineered for a wide array of industry applications, wide format paper from Nekoosa sets the standard for wide format printing and provides a versatile, field-proven solution for superior quality print projects. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of our wide format paper portfolio to help you discover the right product for your wide format paper needs.

What Wide Format Paper Products Are Available From Nekoosa?

Window Graphics

  • Sign-Ad® - Sign-Ad® is a flexible, calendared vinyl coated wide format paper with a low to moderate-tack adhesive for easy-to-apply window graphics.
  • Ztac™ - Ztac™ is an ultra low-tack and repositionable polyester synthetic film designed for easy application and removal on very smooth indoor surfaces.
  • Hi-Stat® - A soft, flexible cling vinyl that adheres to most clean, high polished smooth surfaces, Hi-Stat ® does not require adhesive for application. 
  • Opaque Window Films - 
    • Sign-Ad® Opaque - Sign-Ad® is a flexible, calendared vinyl coated wide format paper with a moderate-tack adhesive for easy-to-apply window graphics.
    • Barrier Film - Used for creating an opaque two-way window decal or sign, Barrier Film is laminated to a clear static cling or clear pressure sensitive film. 

person peeling a vinyl window graphic off a window

SignAd GrandOpening vinyl window graphic on a window

Pictured above: Sign-Ad® Opaque paired with Sign-Ad® Clear for an effortless, two-way signage solution.

Wall Graphics

  • Wall Graphics® - Wall Graphics® from Nekoosa is a comprehensive wide format paper product line of repositionable, removable vinyl films for a wide range of indoor and outdoor wall applications. 
  • ClingZ® - An adhesive-free, electrically charged wall graphic film, ClingZ® adheres to any dry interior surface without risk of surface damage with ultimate in easy application. 

Floor Graphics

  • Walk-On Graphics® -The Walk-On Graphics® two component system includes a printable vinyl base film and a UL 410 approved slip resistant overlaminate to create durable floor graphic applications. Walk-On Graphics® are compatible with normal floor cleaning and maintenance for superior workability. 

Multipurpose Textured Vinyl

  • Trifecta® - Ideal for a wide variety of applications, Trifecta® is designed for floor, wall and window graphics with one universal media. This multipurpose universal removable pressure sensitive textured vinyl is UL 410 slip resistance certified.

P.O.P. Displays & General Signage

  • Premium Vinyl - Premium Vinyl is best-suited for custom signage applications that require robust adhesive systems, liners and finishes for superior signage quality and durability with indoor and outdoor use. 
  • Classic Vinyl - Classic Vinyl is easily applied on flat and simple curves making it ideal for interior and exterior point-of-purchase graphic applications 
  • ChalkTalk® - ChalkTalk® combines superior printable chalkboard film workability with an easily removable adhesive to help create unique, durable signage.
  • SYNAPS OM - A latex and UV printable polyester film synthetic paper, SYNAPS OM is waterproof, tear-proof and will not bow, curl or wrap, making it a superior alternative to lamination.

Premium Vinyl graphic being applied to a golf cart

woman applying a premium vinyl graphic to a golf cart

Pictured above: Premium Vinyl in application on golf carts.

Translucents & Reflectives

  • Translucents - The ideal solution for both photographic and high quality signage applications, Transluscents allow for vivid color saturation and high-degrees of image resolution.
  • GMI Cut Film - GMI Cut Reflective Vinyl is a flexible, enclosed lens glass-bead retroreflective sheeting that reflects light, making it ideal for safety and commercial signage applications.

Mounting Films

  • Mounting Films - Mounting Films allow for easy conversion from non-pressure sensitive films to pressure sensitive materials with permanent and removable mounting films for indoor use.

Overlaminate Films

  • Overlaminate Films - Overlaminate Films enhance overall graphic depth while protecting printed materials from UV radiation, environmental elements, moisture and abrasion.

Can I Collect Nekoosa Bucks with the Wide Format Paper Products?

Yes! You can enjoy a little extra on us by redeeming Nekoosa Bucks for cash. 

How does it work? 

Look for a $5 gold emblem sticker (pictured right) within specifically marked cartons of Nekoosa print media. Then, go to our Nekoosa Bucks webpage, log in to your existing account, or create a new account if you are redeeming a Nekoosa Buck for the first time. Finally, enter the code found on the front of the Nekoosa Bucks flyer, which are found in each qualifying carton. It's that easy!

Once you hit $25 in Nekoosa Bucks, we will send you a $25 MasterCard rewards card. 

You can also continue to grow your account and request gift cards in larger denominations. Your redemptions will add up, so the more Nekoosa print media you run, the more you earn!

Nekoosa Bucks are available in the United States and Canada.

Laptop with a the Nekoosa Bucks webpage on the screen.

How do I Purchase Wide Format Paper Products From Nekoosa?

Nekoosa manufactures wide format paper and other specialty print media in the United States, and in turn sells those products through distribution partners worldwide. A full list of our distribution partners can be found here by selecting the appropriate country or region. In addition, you can further narrow your results by selecting either the product group or product to identify the right wide format paper product to meet your needs. 

Learn more about our wide format paper portfolio, or browse use the links above to learn more about our specific wide format paper solutions.