Nekoosa's HP Indigo Product Portfolio

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Posted by Tianna Vanderhei, Nekoosa on 5/5/21 7:00 AM

HP Indigo users have the flexibility of printing on a wide variety of substrates like polyester papers, pressure sensitive synthetic labels and cling films to create unique applications. We developed a portfolio of specialty substrates tailored to meet the HP Indigo’s high speeds, fast drying times and color matching capabilities so printers can feel confident delivering high quality, consistent and precise printed applications to their customers. Nekoosa’s portfolio of specialty print media specifically engineered for HP Indigo digital presses includes SYNAPS OM, ClingZ®, Ztac™, Wall Graphics®, Sign-Ad®, Hi-Stat®, Classic Vinyl and MagneCote® iSeries.

Why Printers Choose HP Indigo

Kristopher Gasch, Director of Marketing at Fey Printing located in Central Wisconsin says, “We researched many options before ultimately deciding on the HP Indigo as our digital print platform of choice. The print quality is unrivaled, to the point that we can bind offset and HP Indigo sheets next to each other in a book and the quality is identical. Additionally, the opaque white ink, digital metallic ink, and raised clear ink provide unique opportunities with all the expected quality that HP provides. Nekoosa’s diverse suite of product offerings run consistently and allow us to meet the changing needs of our customers.”

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Product Details, Information and Applications

  • SYNAPS OM - A synthetic polyester film with superior dry times makes SYNAPS® OM the optimal choice for both short and long runs on the HP Indigo to create materials such as menus, manuals, I.D. cards, plant stakes and hole punched tags.
  • ClingZ® - Effortless to apply, ClingZ is an adhesive-free, electrically charged graphic film that adheres to any dry interior surface and can be used for screen safe labels, in-store promotional signage and P.O.P. signage.
  • Ztac™ - An ultra low-tack and repositionable polyester film designed for easy applications like screen safe labels, in-store promotional signage and P.O.P. signage; easily removable from very smooth indoor surfaces.
  • Wall Graphics® - Nekoosa's Wall Graphics® product portfolio is a comprehensive offering of repositionable, removable vinyl films for a wide range of indoor and outdoor wall applications including wall graphics, P.O.P. signage and posters. 
  • Sign-Ad® - A flexible calendered vinyl coated with a removable adhesive for easy-to-apply window graphics, ideal for window graphics, P.O.P. window advertisements and one-way window displays.
  • Hi-Stat® - A very soft, flexible cling vinyl that adheres to most clean, high polished smooth surfaces without adhesive and is perfect for window advertising, P.O.P. window graphics and LED screen protection.
  • Classic Vinyl - Nekoosa’s Classic Vinyls are intended for interior and exterior point-of-purchase graphic applications such as cut lettering, decals and P.O.P. signage.
  • MagneCote® iSeries - A premagnetized paper that allows you to efficiently bring high quality messages outside typical advertising mediums for calendars, coupons, to-go menus and postcards.

How Can You Request Samples or Learn More?

Click here to request a free sample of Nekoosa's HP Indigo portfolio. To learn more about the portfolio, head to the Printer Compatibility page on our website and read over the HP Indigo section.