RTape’s Most Popular Application Tape – Conform® 4075 RLA®

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Posted by Tianna Vanderhei, Nekoosa on 3/24/21 8:00 AM

RTape’s original, most popular application tape – Conform® 4075RLA®. In need of a high tack application tape that sticks to slick release liners, preventing tape from “dog earing” and sticking together? Conform® 4075RLA® is the answer!

Keep your graphics looking fresh, flat and clean with 4075® - even when they’re rolled up. Add this application tape to your inventory offering or print shop as a multi-use, reliable product that prevents adhesion build up on graphics while easing the installation process.

Product Information

Conform® 4075RLA® is equipped with Release Liner Adhesion (RLA) and lays flat with no tunneling or edge curling. Its factory cut, razor slit rolls alleviate the potential for adhesive balls, gapping between layers or crushed edges. Not to mention, it tears cleanly without any stringy, legging adhesive and works in both wet and dry applications.

Why Use Conform® 4075RLA®

Darci Fencil, Owner of CC Graphics in Central Wisconsin says it’s her go-to application tape for graphics. “As a one-woman shop, Conform® makes it easy to mask graphics, cut them down and apply them cleanly.”

How to Order

RTape Conform® 4075RLA® is available in multiple roll widths. To request a free sample, contact samples@nekoosa.com. To order 4075RLA®, please reach out to your Nekoosa Business Development Manager or search distributors near you on our “Distributor” tab.