RTape's Conform® 4078RLA® Paper Application Tape

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Posted by Tianna Vanderhei, Nekoosa on 5/12/21 7:00 AM

RTape’s Conform® is the original application tape with Release Liner Adhesion (RLA®). This portfolio of application tapes will not dog ear or stick together when stacked. Available in a variety of tack levels and base paper weights, RTape Conform® is the #1 choice for application tape when performance matters.

Specifically, Conform® 4078RLA® is a standard weight paper application tape with a medium tack latex adhesive. Used specifically for wall graphics, textured and frosted vinyl, this tape lays flat with no tunneling. Like all of our application tapes, the 4078RLA® tears cleanly with no legging adhesive left behind to clean up.

What Does RLA® Stand For?

RLA® otherwise known as “Release Liner Adhesion” is a proprietary formulation that allows the application tape to adhere to exposed areas of slick release liner that are present after weeding. RLA® also permits a longer period of time between the manufacturing, application of the tape and transferring of the tangible graphics – perfect for mailing. It also extends the shelf life of the application tape, so you can feel confident knowing that the adhesive on RTape Conform® will perform just as well during the graphic installation as it did right off the manufacturing line.

If adhesive touches adhesive, the forgiving system permits installer to pull the tape apart easily with no adhesive delamination.


What Characteristics Make 4078RLA® Unique?

Conform® 4078RLA® , like all of our rolls of application tape, are known for their smoot factory cut, razor slit rolls. The high performing rubber adhesive makes processing jobs effortless from applying the tape all the way through final application to the graphics final destination. Did we mention the ability of the RLA to adhere to the slick surface of the exposed liner? With a shelf life of one year, this standard application tape is an industry leader relied on by all skill levels of installers.

Specifically, we recommend 4078RLA® for textured or frosted vinyls due its low tack level.

What Substrates or Applications Work Best with 4078RLA®?

In general, Conform® 4078RLA® is great for general purpose sign applications, medium to small decal sizes less than 20” in size. For medium to larger decals, letters, text, etc., our 4078RLA® should be considered. It’s tailored to apply difficult-to-transfer plotter or die-cut graphics thanks to the RLA® formulation. To request a free sample, contact samples@nekoosa.com.