Nekoosa's Overlaminate Films Portfolio

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Posted by Nekoosa on 2/11/21 6:00 AM

Nekoosa’s overlaminate films enhance overall graphic depth and protect printed materials from UV radiation, environmental elements, moisture and abrasion. With a variety of finishes and mil thicknesses to choose from, Nekoosa has a wide range of overlaminate films to fit your specific graphic needs. (SEE ALSO: What is an Overlaminate Film?)

Calendered Vinyl Overlaminate Film

The portfolio includes 3.2 mil calendered vinyl overlaminates available in gloss, matte and/or luster finishes with a new 78# paper liner for improved wet out performance. These overlaminates are rated for <4 years of outdoor use and are equipped with enhanced UV protection. They are versatile and great for everyday use!


We also offer 4 mil clear, double polished and 6 mil semi-rigid clear embossed options that are UL 410 slip resistant certified for floor graphic overlaminates. These calendered vinyl overlaminate films are paired with a clear polyester film liner that keeps the adhesive smooth and prevents orange peel. The best part? They are suitable for indoor floor graphics <6 months and withstands normal floor maintenance and cleaning.

Polycarbonate Overlaminate Film

Also included in the portfolio are polycarbonate overlaminate options available in 3, 5 and 10 mil with a velvet matte finish. Formerly known as RTape Eclypse™, these overlaminates are rated for <2 years of outdoor use. With a clear polyester film liner, the polycarbonate overlaminates also do a great job of keeping adhesive smooth and preventing orange peel. In addition, the clear non-yellowing permanent solvent adhesive makes for brilliant clarity.

They are durable, thick and scratch resistant - perfect for roll up banners, trade show panels, gas pump skirts and warning labels.

Polyester Overlaminate Film

Our 1 mil and 2 mil polyester overlaminates offer a high gloss, scratch resistant finish and are rated for <4 years of indoor use. For your ever changing point-of-purchase messaging, we recommend using our 1 mil option with a dry erase coating. It’s perfect for frequently updating menu boards and restaurant signage.

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