Why You Should Use Air-Egress Vinyl Films

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Posted by Nekoosa on 9/16/20 11:03 AM

Vinyl films with air-egress release liners have almost eliminated bubbles and wrinkles from applied graphics. Air-egress release liners with their highly textured surface structure can be challenging when transferring graphics. Not much will stick to these liners other than the vinyl film. At Nekoosa, our best premask solution for air-egress liners is a special Conform® tape named 4761RLA® and was designed for air-egress liners. It adheres to many of the popular air egress liners used by vinyl manufacturers in our market. It’s unique combination of tack level and coat weight make it a winner for transferring films from an air-egress liner.

What is Air-Egress?

'Air-Egress' release liners are designed with air channels that greatly reduce air entrapment, which greatly reduces bubbles and wrinkling. Air-egress films offer a perfect solution for easier and faster graphic installation, which leads to more profit dollars. The best part? They are user friendly for individuals with all experience levels.

Application tape being removed from a coffee vinyl window graphic

When Should You Use Air-Egress Liners?

Air-egress vinyls are the perfect solution to ensure a seamless, smooth application! Simply peel back the pre-mask or liner and apply. Working from the center outward using a squeegee to release the air bubbles through the air-egress channels. Large graphics and wide format prints are much easier to install using Air Egress films.

Please note, it is recommended that air-egress vinyls are applied dry. Do not use any liquid substance in the application process. Air Egress films eliminate the need for wet application.

Which Nekoosa products are offered with air-egress liner options? Here's a full list for you!
  • Sign-Ad® Air-Egress - Available in 4 mil gloss clear or matte white with a 90# stayflat, air-egress liner. Sign-Ad® is a flexible calendered vinyl coated with a low-tack removable adhesive for easy-to-apply window graphics. Sign-Ad® is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV wide format, HP Indigo and offset printers.
  • Wall Graphics® - Available in 6 mil matte white high peel air-egress vinyl. Nekoosa's Wall Graphic® product portfolio is a comprehensive offering of repositionable, removable vinyl films for a wide range of indoor and outdoor wall applications. This vinyl is compatible with HP Indigo, conventional and UV offset, latex, eco-solvent, solvent, UV wide format and screen inks.
  • Classic Vinyl - Available in 3 mil or 4 mil vinyl in gloss white gray removable adhesive, gloss white gray permanent adhesive, matte white gray removable adhesive and matte white gray permanent adhesive with 90# air-egress liners. Classic Vinyl has high strength permanent adhesive and is easy to install on flat and simple curves. These vinyls are compatible with latex, UV inkjet, eco-solvent and true solvent wide format inks.
  • Premium Vinyl - Available in 3 mil or 4 mil vinyl in gloss white gray removable adhesive, gloss white gray permanent adhesive, matte white gray removable adhesive and matte white gray permanent adhesive. Coated with a clear pressure sensitive adhesive, these Premium Vinyl options have a 90# stayflat air-egress liner.
  • Trans-Ad® - Available in 4 mil opaque matte white 90# stayflat air-egress paper liner. Trans-Ad® is a matte white opaque premium vinyl for high-quality transportation signage and exterior graphics/decals. This OUTFRONT Media certified vinyl is compatible with eco-solvent, solvent, UV wide format and latex printers.
  • Mounting Films - Available in 1 mil permanent/removable with a clear air-egress film liner. Nekoosa's Mounting Films easily convert non-pressure sensitive films into pressure sensitive materials with permanent and removable mounting films for indoor use.

To view or download the full RTape Application Tape Cross Reference Chart click HERE.