Introducing The Nekoosa Promise™ Sustainable Print Media Portfolio

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Posted by Nekoosa on 7/28/23 9:30 AM

Today’s consumers are making it known that sustainability is now a top-tier consideration when purchasing a product or service.

Nekoosa Promise SYNAPS

In fact, it’s difficult to pinpoint an industry where the demand for more eco-friendly products and processes has not steadily increased during the last five years, and the paper manufacturing industry is no different.

While Nekoosa has long held sustainability at the core of our approach to providing the highest quality print our new portfolio takes our commitment to manufacturing durable, environmentally friendly print media to a whole other level.

Let’s take a quick look at The Nekoosa Promise™ Sustainable Print Media Portfolio to better understand how our approach to providing a variety of sustainable print films and overlaminates can help you make your corner of the world a little greener.

What is The Nekoosa Promise™?

The Nekoosa Promise™ Sustainable Print Media Portfolio offers the industry’s broadest line of PVC-free alternatives for print media designed for a variety of applications including signage, graphic displays, window films and more. This new portfolio is just the beginning as we look to grow and develop the products in our sustainable print media portfolio over the next few years.

Nekoosa’s new sustainable print media portfolio doubles down on our existing philosophy of offering eco-friendly wide format rolls and sheets. For example, 90% of Nekoosa’s finished goods are recyclable, and 60% of Nekoosa films are made with water-based adhesives.

Which Nekoosa products are included in The Nekoosa Promise™ Sustainable Print Media Portfolio?

The Nekoosa Promise™ Sustainable Print Media Portfolio contains established polyesters and polypropylenes to create, window graphics, point-of-purchase displays and general signage and more, many of which are manufactured using PVC-free alternatives. The existing products in this new portfolio include:

  • Waterproof paper:
    • SYNAPS XM synthetic polyester paper is waterproof, tear-proof and weather-resistant, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Synthetic polyester paper is also an eco-friendlier alternative to lamination.
    • With superior dry times using standard conventional offset inks, SYNAPS OM is the optimal choice for short-run, on demand printing.
    • SYNAPS XM & OM are both ideal for applications including menus, manuals, durable hole punched tags, membership & I.D. cards, plant stakes and more.

  • P.O.P. displays and general signage:
    • SYNAPS OM rolls are a sustainably produced latex and UV wide format polyester film that will not bow, curl or wrap. SYNAPS OM rolls are perfect for retractable banner stand graphics, trade show display panels, rotating banners, hanging signage and more.

  • Films for window graphics: ClingZ® and Ztac™ are industry-leading films that are ideal for window signage applications in the retail and hospitality industries.

  • Cut films: PolyEfx® is our metalized polyester film used in the production of high-quality applications that require metallic luster, durability and dimensional stability.

  • Barrier Film: Nekoosa’s Barrier Film is a 100% opaque polypropylene used for creating two-way window decals or signage by laminating to Sign-Ad® Clear PP. Can be printed with UV wide format inks.

  • Mounting Films: Nekoosa offers permanent or removable polyester Mounting Films used to easily convert non-adhesive backed films to pressure sensitive materials.

The portfolio also includes 3 new products:

  • Films for window graphics: Sign-Ad® is a removable polypropylene interior and exterior window film with excellent clarity and enhanced stiffness for easy application and removal on flat or slightly curved surfaces. Enhanced with a topcoat for latex and UV wide format printing.

  • Films for wall graphics: Nekoosa’s Wall Graphics® Matte White is a removable polypropylene film suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor wall applications such as wall posters and wayfinding signage.

  • Overlaminates: Our Overlaminate is an embossed clear polyolefin designed for temporary and short-term indoor graphic applications. Plus, this overlaminate is UL-410 certified for slip resistance for enhanced safety as well as superior sustainability.

Plus, our new sustainable print media portfolio includes our line of carbonless papers — which are SFI® certified — and our paper application tapes, which are manufactured using all-natural, water-based adhesives.


The Nekoosa Promise™ Sustainable Print Media Portfolio provides durable, versatile print media solutions to help create vibrant signage in a more eco-friendly way. Request a FREE Nekoosa Promise™ Sustainable Print Media sleeve to learn more: Click Here.

Nekoosa Promise Sustainable Print Media