Cleaning ChalkTalk®, Removable Chalkboard Film

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Posted by Jim Hingst on 9/27/14 8:00 AM

The grainy texture of ChalkTalk® removable chalkboard film provides an exceptional finish for writing and drawing with either chalk or chalk ink. ChalkTalk® is perfect for use as a restaurant menu board or as an appliqué in a home environment.

In writing on either a slate surface or a chalkboard film, such as ChalkTalk®, chalk can leave residual particles, after erasing the image using a traditional eraser. See the photo below (included for visual purposes).


The best way to remove the ghosted image is to wipe the surface with a wet rag or wet sponge, as shown in the photo below.


ChalkTalk® Product Information:

  • Removable adhesive
  • 6 mil. textured slate gray surface
  • Easy application to flat, smooth, clean surfaces like painted drywall, kitchen cabinets and refrigerators
  • Write with chalk or liquid chalk ink pens for best results
  • Wipes clean with a damp cloth
  • Eco-friendly, child safe, CPSIA compliant, lead-free, plasticizer-free and phthalate-free
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Whether you use blackboard chalk or sidewalk chalk, all of it is abrasive to some degree. Sidewalk chalk is especially abrasive. Even after washing the surface, the abrasive particles in chalk can slightly scuff the surface, leaving a telltale mark. In most cases, this should not be objectionable.

As an alternative to using blackboard chalk, you can use liquid chalk markers to draw on the ChalkTalk® film (SEE: Chalk Versus Liquid Chalk Markers).

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