Chalk Versus Liquid Chalk Markers

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Posted by Jim Hingst on 11/28/12 8:00 AM

Which is Better for Writing on Chalkboard Film? Chalk or Chalk Ink Pens?

There is nothing wrong with using chalk to write on chalkboard films. We designed our ChalkTalk® chalkboard film with traditional chalk in mind. However, there are advantages to using chalk markers, such as the Chalk Ink® brand of markers.

  • Chalk markers are not as messy and do not produce chalk dust. The Chalk Ink® markers remove cleanly and easily without ghosting.
  • Real chalk is abrasive. Every time you use it on a chalkboard film, it scratches the surface. Eventually, the surface of the film is so scratched up, that its appearance is objectionable. We have tested many types of chalk on our ChalkTalk® chalkboard film, on competitive films and on slate chalkboards. The result is always the same. Regardless of whether we use soft chalk, dustless chalk or colored chalk, they all have abrasive particles and all leave indelible marks on all types of chalkboards.
  • Chalk Ink® markers are bolder and more vibrant than regular chalk. Commercial applications, such as restaurant menu boards, will be easier to read and aesthetically pleasing with the use of bold chalk ink pens.

Which Chalk Ink Pen Should I Buy?

Be careful of which brand of marker that you buy, as not all not all are compatible with our ChalkTalk® chalkboard film. There are chalk ink markers and then there are Chalk Ink® markers. Some types of generic chalk ink markers, such as the Pentel markers, utilize a solvent-based ink, which do not remove cleanly from ChalkTalk®.Chalkboard menu sign using ChalkTalk chalkboard vinyl

Chalk Ink® offers two types of chalk ink pens that both work well with ChalkTalk®.

  • Wet Wipe Markers – The Wet Wipe Markers use a water-based ink. Once the ink dries, they resist smearing. To clean the ink from the surface of ChalkTalk®, simply wipe the ink with a damp rag. The ink should come off easily and with no ghosting residue.
  • Artista Pro Markers – The inks in Artista Pro Markers are durable, semi-permanent and water resistant. If you use these types of markers, clean the ChalkTalk® surface with an ammonia-based cleaner, such as Windex.

Advantages of Chalk Ink® are explained in more detail in their YouTube video.

We continue to test the compatibility of other markers with our ChalkTalk® chalkboard film. We believe that other water-based liquid chalk markers on the market will also perform acceptably. As we continue our investigation, we will publish the results.

About ChalkTalk®

  • ChalkTalk® is 6 mil non-vinyl textured, slate gray chalkboard film with a removable adhesive. A low initial tack adhesive makes ChalkTalk® easy to apply, even for an unexperienced installer. Just peel and stick. The thicker film is much easier to handle than flimsy vinyl films.
  • ChalkTalk® can be applied to any flat, smooth, clean surface or directly to painted drywall, kitchen cabinets or refrigerators. It can also be applied easily to sign substrates.
  • Unlike other chalkboard films, ChalkTalk® is easy and safe to remove. It removes with no damage to the surface and no messy adhesive residue. No toxic chemical removers are needed.
  • ChalkTalk® is also safe enough for children to handle. It contains no harmful levels of phthalate plasticizers, no lead and no carcinogens. It is also safe for indirect food contact. Tested by an independent lab, ChalkTalk® complies with California’s Prop 65 and federal CPSIA regulations.

Nekoosa’s ChalkTalk® chalkboard film is available through distribution partners worldwide. For a full list of stocked roll sizes, please click here to read the product overview sheet. Email the Nekoosa sample department today at to order a free sample.

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