Capture Attention with VinylEfx® Metalized Vinyl

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Posted by Nekoosa on 7/16/20 11:54 AM

VinylEfx® are eye catching, reflective, glittering vinyls for cut-lettering and printed graphics. Available in both an indoor and outdoor series with permanent adhesive, it cuts and weeds easily, and applies to flat, smooth surfaces effortlessly. 

This metalized vinyl commands attention when used on banner graphics, decals, P.O.P. signage, bumper stickers, fleet markings, in-store promotions and cut lettering, as shown in the image below. VinylEfx is made in the U.S.A. and is available in a variety of colors and captivating finishes ranging from a chrome or brushed finished rose gold, bronze, gold, silver and champagne to red and blue light-refracting patterns, including iridescent 'Rainbow Brite Overall.’

Recently used on the reception desk at a new Boys & Girls Club facility, we asked Darci Laudenbach, Owner and Sign Installer at CC Graphics (shown below) for her recommendations for working with VinylEfx® from an sign shop's standpoint. 

woman removing application tape from a boys and girls club VinylEfx vinyl graphic

What would you recommend to someone using VinylEfx® for the first time?
"VinylEfx® is metalized, so it could rip easily when weeding. When you are cutting the material, make sure the blade is at the correct depth to make weeding flawless.  If you don't have it set to the right depth, you could easily tear the vinyl, damaging your image. When you are working with VinylEfx®, be careful because it could crease and the crease marks do not come out well," expressed Laudenbach.

What tips do you have for cutting and weeding VinylEfx®?  “When weeding, pull left to right slowly at an angle. The cut out pieces should stay down and you can weed away the excess. Then, you can use a pick to pick out the middle areas. My favorite tool is an actual dental pick."

Explain what the process was when cutting and installing the VinylEfx® Fine Brushed Silver on the Boys & Girls Club entrance counter. "After the design is set up on my computer, I send the file to cut. My cutter cuts out the image on the VinylEfx® and when finished I take it over to a flat area to get ready for weeding. Make sure not to crease your vinyl going from the cutter to the table."

"On the table I start the weeding process.  I pull the vinyl from left to right at an angle to make sure the vinyl comes off nicely.   I then use a dental pick and pick out the middle areas.  I install woman removing application tape from a boys and girls club VinylEfx vinyl graphichigh tack application tape over the top of the image and squeegee the whole thing. At this point, it is ready for installation. I recommend cleaning the substrate with alcohol, then measure the image on the wall where it needs to be.  I tape it on both ends and put a long piece of tape in the middle to form a hinge. I then tear the tape on the right side so I have a place to line things up. I take the right side and fold over the left making sure I don't crease it and remove the application tape. I cut the application tape near the middle and that squeegeeing the vinyl down. I start in the middle and work out."

"I then do the same thing to the opposite side, so the whole image is adhered to the substrate. Now is time to take the application tape off, pull from a corner at an angle to remove it slowly. Watch the letters to make sure that they do not lift up when you are removing.  If they do, simply squeegee over the top once again. After all the tape is (removed) you can squeegee it again, but make sure you have a soft edge so you don't scratch the vinyl.  Be careful using heat as you can actually deform VinylEfx® by using too much heat," said Laudenbach.

     woman removing application tape from a boys and girls club VinylEfx vinyl graphic     VinylEfx_Install(6)

VinylEfx® can also be printed on using just about any type digital printer, except those that use water-based inks. These digital printers include thermal transfer systems, solvent-based inkjet printers, eco-solvent printers, UV-curable inkjet printers and electrostatic printers.

For more information on this eye-catching vinyl, check out our VinylEfx® product information page.