Application Film with Air-Egress Technology

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Posted by Jim Hingst on 2/7/13 8:00 AM

Surely you have heard about user friendly air-egress films. We have now developed an air-egress application tape, RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1. The embossed surface of the RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1 facestock impresses a grid pattern of air-egress micro-tunnels in the adhesive for bubble-free lamination of the application tape to vinyl graphics. The advantage is that when you laminate this application tape to a vinyl graphic, it is virtually impossible to entrap an air bubble underneath the tape. That’s important because if you trap a bubble or wrinkle in the tape, it often results in a bubble in the applied graphic.

The deeply embossed surface also allows the user to tear RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1 by hand, in a straight line, for easy dispensing. In addition, the embossing contributes to the easy unwind of the film, which helps eliminate exhausting application tape struggles.

The slightly tackier RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1 adhesive system helps transfer problematic vinyl films, textured or matte films and small-to-mid sized lettering. Even though the RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1 adhesive is high tack, the tape is very easy to handle. If the adhesive side of the film accidentally folds onto itself, RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1 pulls apart easily without adhesive delamination. Following vinyl application, this unique adhesive releases easily from the applied graphics. This feature makes the tape ideal when installing wall graphics films.

RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1 is also well-suited for making ready-to-apply (RTA) graphics. During storage, the application tape’s adhesive system will not build to vinyl graphics, nor will the adhesive yellow or discolor. Because of the film’s rigidity, RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1 exhibits excellent lay flat to exposed release liners and resists curling and tunneling.

RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1 Product Details:

  • Clear embossed application tape with heavy texture air-egress micro channels
  • High-tack repositionable adhesive
  • Ideal for small-to-mid sized lettering, difficult to transfer films and films with textured or matte finishes

RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1 is available through RTape franchised distribution partners worldwide. Email the Nekoosa sample department today at to order a free sample roll.

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