5 Reasons to Print Menus on SYNAPS

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Posted by Nekoosa on 8/19/20 12:33 PM

Tired of reprinting and throwing away temporary, paper menus? We've got a solution! Now more than ever amidst COVID-19, it’s important for restaurants to establish heightened social distancing and health safety protocols to ensure their patrons feel comfortable.

Nekoosa's SYNAPS, synthetic polyester paper is the solution for restaurants striving to adhere to COVID-19 recommendations and heightened health practices moving forward. While typical menus require regular replacement whether it be due to ripping, peeling lamination or food residue, SYNAPS withstands normal human and environmental wear and tear! 

5 Reasons to Print Menus on SYNAPS:

  1. What is it? SYNAPS is a high grade polyester film that is naturally waterproof, tear-proof and weather resistant – suitable for both indoor and outdoor dining.
  2. Can it be cleaned? Because it’s waterproof, SYNAPS can be cleaned with mild detergent and a soft cloth. Diners will feel good knowing that menus were cleaned between each use.
  3. What are its finishing capabilities? SYNAPS has many of the same qualities as paper. It’s available in a wide range of thicknesses and has an aesthetically pleasing matte white finish. SYNAPS can be scored, folded, bound, cut, embossed, foil stamped and coated just like paper so you can design a menu that best represents your restaurant and brand.
  4. Laminating? No need. Laminated menus wrinkle, fray on the edge, delaminate and look worn after minimal use. SYNAPS will hold its shape, color and visual appeal over time versus laminated paper menus. It can also be less expensive!
  5. What is the range of printer compatibility? SYNAPS was engineered specifically to perform on a wide range of printing equipment. SYNAPS XM is compatible with digital dry toner/laser printers and SYNAPS OM is compatible with offset and HP Indigo presses. Your preferred print vendor can trust that SYNAPS will perform optimally on their select printing equipment.

Michelle Goska, Owner of The Ridges Golf Course & Banquet Hall says she loves her SYNAPS XM menus. "We switched to menus printed on the SYNAPS paper in March (right before the we had to temporarily shut down due to COVID) and we are so happy that we did. Now we have menus we can clean after every use and they continue to look and feel great! We will never have menus printed on anything else!"

How Can You Clean SYNAPS?

Please follow these guidelines when cleaning SYNAPS.

  • Use a mild detergent or hand soap that is diluted with water. Products with low alcohol content (<40%) can be used to disinfect menus printed on SYNAPS.
  • Gently wipe the menu with a soft cloth immersed with a mixture of mild detergent and water.
  • Rinse the menu with tap water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid these mistakes when cleaning SYNAPS.

  • Always dilute – do not use pure concentrated soap.
  • Microfiber clothes could polish the surface and damage the printed image.
  • All-purpose cleaners that contain abrasive particles (ex: alum) can damage the printed image. Disinfectant products that contain <60% alcohol, ethanol or both can also damage the printed image.

Interested in testing out SYNAPS? Contact us at samples@nekoosa.com TODAY for your FREE sample!