5 Creative Applications for Decorative and Privacy Window Films

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Posted by Nekoosa on 2/6/24 4:11 PM


Printable window films can serve a variety of functions. Not only can they help enhance privacy in commercial settings like offices or warehouses, they can also help retail and hospitality brands provide a little extra aesthetic pop in service of offering customers a more unique, engaging visual experience. 

Plus, printable window films can serve as an important finishing to help increase the durability and lifespan of a window or glass surface. This is particularly important for exterior windows in areas that could be subject to damage. 

To better understand how printable window films can help make a statement when it comes to glass finishing, let’s look at five creative applications for decorative and privacy window films, and how Nekoosa’s Glass Finishes™ can help turn these ideas into reality.

1. Etch or frost a glass surface for a more high-end feel

For high-end, more boutique brands in the retail and hospitality industry, etched or frosted glass can create a more sophisticated look that helps enhance the customer experience. For example, a hotel brand can use etched or frosted glass on shower doors to elevate the appearance and overall feel of their rooms. Similarly, a high-end restaurant — or chain of restaurants — can use frosted glass to partition different seating areas in the dining room to help create a more intimate dining environment. 

Nekoosa’s Glass Finishes™ is available in Deep Etch, Light Etch, and Frost. What’s more, Nekoosa Glass Finishes™ includes printable and plottable window films in Wide Format to help you create a unique glass finish in almost any application.

2. Create a more productive, collaborative workspace

From a commercial point-of-view, printable decorative and privacy window films can enhance privacy when working with sensitive information. Not only can a more secure workspace foster increased communication and collaboration, it can also help create a more productive environment as employees feel more comfortable working with sensitive information or materials. 

Each of Nekoosa Glass Finishes™ products is designed to obscure visibility while also allowing excellent light transmission. Our finishes can also be easily applied using a solvent-performance adhesive with a PET liner for superior adhesion and long-term reliability.

3. Properly brand your storefront windows

Brand recognition is key for any company in any industry, but it’s especially important for retail and hospitality companies. This is due in part to the competitive nature of these industries, but it’s also because the retail and hospitality industry still relies heavily on the brick-and-mortar business model where a high-quality customer experience is key. Decorative window films can help companies properly brand storefront windows, and they can also help brands incorporate eye-catching visuals or signage to create a more unique in-store experience. 

With Nekoosa Glass Finishes™, brands can create exceptional quality window graphics for indoor and outdoor use with a service life of up to seven years.

4. Create unique wayfinding signage

Printable window films offer more value than just aesthetic value — in the right hands, they can be functional as well. Decorative window films can help you create clear, visually appealing wayfinding signage that can be applied and removed in a quick, mess-free manner. For example, when paired with RTape's Conform® 4075RLA, ApliTape™, Nekoosa Glass Finishes™ decorative window films can be applied to any glass surface in a matter of minutes with a strong, durable adhesion to create high-performance wayfinding signage that lasts.

5. Deter bird strikes

Yes, decorative and privacy window films can be used as a deterrent against potentially damaging bird strikes. Not only do bird strikes affect the health and safety of birds, they also can cause undue wear and tear on windows or even result in cracks of chips in the glass which can be costly to repair. 

As part of our Glass Finishes portfolio, our Bird Safety Film is engineered to reduce collisions using an innovative film technology that allows birds to see windows that would otherwise be invisible. Nekoosa’s Bird Safety Film is an effective, easy-to-use solution to reduce the risk of bird strikes on commercial and residential buildings. 

Available in Deep Etch, Light Etch, Dusted Crystal, Frost, Sand Blast, and Sand Matte finishes, Nekoosa Glass Finishes™ can help you take a more creative approach to decorating and protecting your windows and glass surfaces.