Mottling and What To Do About It

Have you ever occasionally noticed a dull, hazy or blotchy appearance on the surface of some vinyl films or overlaminates? This is a condition called mottling. While this hazy appearance certainly..

10/17/12 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

How to Use Pallet Protek Protection Tape

Cleaning up messy spray adhesive from your pallets is time both time consuming and costly. It’s also unnecessary. By pre-covering your pallets with RTape 4350 Pallet Protek™ and spraying the paper..

8/28/12 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

Difficult to Transfer Vinyl Graphics

Who hasn’t had the occasional problem in transferring vinyl graphics from their release liner? In many cases, the solution may be as simple as selecting a higher tack application tape or making a..

7/3/12 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

How to Avoid Dimpling in Paper Application Tape

Dimples on a person’s face are usually regarded as being attractive and desirable, butut dimples on the surface of paper application tape…not so much! In fact, dimples in the application paper are..

6/20/12 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst, Former Nekoosa Team Member

What Causes Liner Curl?

Would you like paper or plastic? In the sign, screen and digital markets, vinyl film manufacturers generally pick paper release liners. Plastic film liners are more frequently used for label..

5/20/12 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

Preventing Wall Graphics Failures

Getting good adhesion to painted wall surfaces has been a problem for sign makers and the manufacturers of vinyl films. Flat finish paints are especially a problem. To help your customer avoid the..

5/12/12 9:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

How to Select the Right Overlaminate

Selecting the right overlaminate for a particular graphics application requires just as must consideration as selecting the right digital print media. And for many, it can be just as confusing, if..

4/21/12 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

Why Application Tape Tears Unexpectedly

From time to time application tape will tear when you least expect it. When this happens the graphics can be trashed and frustrated sign makers want to know the cause of these mishaps. There’s no..

4/20/12 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst