Recommendations for working with application tapes

Struggling to install graphics – both large and small? RTape application tapes and premasks are beneficial tools during the installation process. Here are helpful tips and tricks to apply (see..

8/6/20 6:06 PM / by Nekoosa

The Do's and Don'ts of Wet Application

Using an application fluid can aid in the application of vinyl films that have an aggressive adhesive system. The application fluid helps float the graphic onto the resulting surface to prevent..

6/11/20 9:57 AM / by Nekoosa

Protecting VinylEfx® Graphics with Urethane Clear Coat

Airbrush artist, Jimmy Jackson of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has used VinylEfx® films in his motorcycle designs for many years. In all of that time, he has never experienced a graphics failure.

8/11/14 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

AT75.1 - Embossed High Tack Film Application Tape

The Problems: Some types of films are difficult to work with. Here are some of the problems that sign makers have encountered in the past. In one case, a designer wanted to use a carbon fiber wrap..

8/5/14 5:09 PM / by Nekoosa

Accelerating the Curing Process

Many T-shirt shops have purchased Roland’s VersaStudio 20" BN-20 Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutter so they can offer digitally printed heat transfer appliques to their customers. In addition to..

7/10/14 8:00 AM / by Nekoosa

Adhesion Testing

Whether you are screen printing or painting, the coating must bond to the substrate for the service life of the product. Depending on the physical properties of the coating that you have selected..

10/29/13 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

How to Apply Vinyl Graphics Over Rivets

Applying vinyl graphics on vehicle surfaces with rivets is challenging for most sign makers. Vinyl failures to these surfaces are all too common. Here are some tips and procedures, used by..

6/12/13 9:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

Why Use a Heavyweight Paper Application Tape

When I started in the vinyl graphics industry more than thirty years ago, there was no such thing as lighter standard weight application tape that is generally used in the sign industry. The only..

5/7/13 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

Application Film with Air-Egress Technology

Surely you have heard about user friendly air-egress films. We have now developed an air-egress application tape, RTape® Clear Choice® AT75.1. The embossed surface of the RTape® Clear Choice®..

2/7/13 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst

Chalk Versus Liquid Chalk Markers

Which is Better for Writing on Chalkboard Film? Chalk or Chalk Ink Pens?

11/28/12 8:00 AM / by Jim Hingst